We Never Walk Alone

Although, most of us would admit to loving a happy ending, the fact of the matter is, our life can lead us down some pretty dark and difficult paths. We cannot live very long without experiencing some sorrow and grief in this world. It is inevitable; and I think our inclination is to get past it as quickly as we can. As humans, we struggle with dealing with or “sitting” with negative emotions. But the Emmaus road story in scripture quickly reminds us of two things: before the joy of new life and resurrection, there is the cross. Before the rejoicing of the empty tomb and the hallelujahs, there is the pain and suffering of the passion. The road that we walk can indeed be heavy with sorrow. However, the second lesson of the Emmaus road is, we never walk alone. No matter where our road leads or how great the burden, no matter how grief stricken we may be, Jesus is with us each and every step. He is revealed in the story of scripture, in hospital bedside conversations, in the breaking of bread and wherever God’s love is shared with one another. In other words, he is with us on the difficult path, in the midst of the weight, ever present in the darkness. So I’m not saying that we need to dwell on the negative that is happening, but in the midst of hopelessness, in the midst of dealing with all the crap that life dishes out, there yet exists a part of us that can recall a love that truly brings hope. We can remember that the burning in our hearts, might just be Jesus way of letting us know that the Holy Spirit is at work in us and through us. So, may your Emmaus road be one of opening and learning. May your path be not so laden with grief, and may Christ be revealed to you so you might know of a risen Lord that loves you and will never forsake you. Be at peace on the road, friend.