How can I live for God?

The biblical story of “Doubting Thomas” is a well-worn, often mis-read story. It is quite familiar, at least in part, to many people, even folks who have never read the Bible. Throughout history, Thomas became synonymous with someone who had trouble believing in something. At first glance, the story does give the impression that the emphasis is on Thomas’ refusal to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead and appeared to the disciples. Thomas wanted to see for himself and indeed got that chance when Jesus returned to the disciples. This time, Thomas was present, saw Jesus and declared his faith because of what he had witnessed. But when we read deeper into the gospel, we find that the other disciples were also doubting that Jesus had risen and it was only when they saw the evidence, did they believe. Do you ever had doubts regarding your faith? Does it bother you when you have these feelings? A wise theologian once said that doubt is not the opposite of faith, but rather doubt is the “ants in the pants” of faith. Doubt it that which causes us to look deeper into the mystery of God. When we are allowed to wrestle with this doubt, we can seek a truer meaning of the enormity of God. When doubt is what drives our questions, we can come to the realization that God is beyond our explanations, beyond our ability to box God up in a nice, neat package. Doubt can lead us to the possibility that everything we thought we knew about God, is barely a scratching of the surface. So, you have doubts? Embrace them. Explore them. Dig deeper into the story of the creator of the cosmos. Seek the living God in and amongst the daily. You might just find that your doubts enliven your faith, rather than dampen it. At the end of the day, I hope that you might come to this conclusion: God is alive and lives in us; now, how can I live for God?