Support Team

Key Elements: Fiscal, Building/Facilities, Business Office, Legal/Compliance

The Support Team serves as the “business office” – overseeing the financial health, investments, contracts, facilities and staff.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Prepare position descriptions and annual reviews for the staff church office position, staff Christian education director position, staff custodians, staff choir directors, and staff organists.
  • Annual Pastor Evaluation
  • Prepare annual report
  • Annual inspection of facilities
  • Purchase cleaning and kitchen supplies
  • Inventory and care of the equipment – annual review and report to the Church Council
  • Church signs
  • Provide offering envelopes for members and pew envelopes
  • Spiritual gifts inventory
  • Annual audit of financial records and memorial fund
  • Children, Youth, & Vulnerable Adults Training
  • Investment management
  • Draft policy and procedures manual for Church Council approval
  • Manage website
  • Negotiate all contracts
  • Prepare the budget and monitor
  • Insurance policies
  • Constitution and Bylaw revisions
  • Superintend Memorial Garden Fund
  • Memorial Team
  • Memorial Garden Team
  • Archives Team
  • Maintain inventory of kitchen supplies
  • Fall and Spring clean up

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