Notes From Our Council’s President

“Little by Little”

I believe we all have a path set up for us, we just do not know what that path is. No matter what our mission is or whatever our path may be, it is easy to get sidetracked along the way. There are many different roadblocks along our mission. Life can never be perfectly planned out, something always seems to be popping up.

The struggle is real.

One scripture that helps us understand God’s approach is Deuteronomy 7:22: “The Lord your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little.”

Moses spoke these words to the people of Israel concerning their journey into the Promised Land. When the people looked around, they could easily see that in order to get to the place God promised, they needed to subdue nations that were larger and stronger than they were. This caused them to be very nervous and afraid.

The people knew that intense battles lay ahead of them, and they were not sure they could win. But Moses knew that God’s heart was for them to triumph over their formidable enemies, and he knew that God had a strategy for victory and deliverance.

What was God’s plan? Basically, one step at a time, “little by little.” The Israelites could not expect God to reach down from heaven, wipe out their enemies in one mighty sweep of His hand and give them a clear path to the Promised Land. No, in His wisdom,

God knew they needed to fight for the land because when they arrived in it, they would need the strength and confidence they had gained through having to overcome along the way.

I know that we all have a path God has set out for us. Like the people of Israel we will face opposition as we move along our path. There will be times when the path is easy and times when we may need to look for assistance from our brothers and sisters, but together we can move along our paths and to where He ultimately wants us to be.

As the elected president of the Immanuel Lutheran Council, I promise to do my personal best to follow the path set out for me as your sister of Christ. I am going to continue to help move our church forward in our mission and serve our community and do God’s work.



Erin Hubert