You are the Light of the World!

Monday Morning Quarterback: Reflections from your Pastor……

In the Bible, Jesus tells us we are salt and light. Well, I’ve known some salty characters in my life, and I have known some pretty bright people, too. But what exactly is Jesus telling us that we are (already supposed to be) in this verse from Matthew 5?
When I think of salt, I think of something that enhances the flavor of foods, it preserves meat so it doesn’t spoil, it melts ice and it is an essential nutrient for our body to live which is not produced by our body. Salt water has anti-bacterial properties and can help fight infection. So, if we are called the “salt of the earth”, it seems to me that we are supposed to enhance the lives of others and to live our lives in such a way as it points to that which is essential in this journey. Quite unlike popular culture which directs our attention to so many things that are not essential to our lives, as Jesus people, we are called to demonstrate our faith in such a way that it gives life, that it brings health and wholeness to others.
Likewise, if we are the light of the world, we are called to live our lives in such a way that it shines in the darkness. Because the reason for light is so that the darkness cannot take over. As Jesus came to model for us what it means to be light for the world, we are to take up that same light and let it shine through us so that the whole world may see Christ in us and through us and around us. Not called to hide it under a bushel, but to set it up on a stand so that it brings light all around. So how is our light shining? Is it like a candle blown about by the wind, or is it a beacon for hope, a bright lantern shining in a sea of darkness and despair. Does it shine in times of desperation, hopelessness and trouble? Wherever you are in life, and how ever bright your light shines, may it do so for the glory of the one who gave us the light in the first place.