Where is your passion leading you?

Monday Morning Quarterback; Reflections from your Pastor

          Now that all the hype and hoopla have ended regarding the Super Bowl,  you might be wondering who to root for now?  What do fanatical fans do in the off season with all that passion they have for the “home team. People are passionate about many things, politics, jobs, sports teams, but not as many are passionate about their faith. Faith seems to have fallen out of favor for spirituality these days. Zeal and fervor, words that used to describe faith and the faithful have been reassigned to our favorite political issue or favorite sports team. Here is a thought; Perhaps we can regain the passion that Christians once held so dear. Maybe we can reignite a fervor for Jesus and the message of salvation. You think I’m kidding, right? But that is how it started nearly 2000 years ago. A handful of people, passionate about something, someone, that they had experienced, dedicated their energy to letting others know about how incredible this Jesus was (and is) They committed their lives to sharing the good news because they believed that was all that mattered in this world. And it wasn’t millions, but a small number of people who believed that the world needs this message of hope.  Now in this day and age, we have many things that vie for our attention. Too many things imo. But truth is we still need to determine what matters in our world. We still need to decide what is vitally important and what can be let go. Does the world need hope? Do you have this hope  within you? Maybe you can be part of this movement to change the world. Your passion and commitment can do that you know. And you are not alone.  Never underestimate the power of a few passionate people to make a huge impact. My prayer is that we would come together for the sake of the Good News, for the sake of the world and make a change so that the whole world may see. #jesusmovement #teamjesus