What is a Disciple?

Well, when we are talking about disciples of Jesus, it is someone who is learning, listening and growing from the teachings of the master. So, when Jesus tells the disciples (and us) to go and disciplize others in His name, he is sending us OUT to teach, to share, to show and to do.  Making disciples involves all of those verbs and more. I believe the most difficult one for us as followers is the sharing of our faith using our words. For far too long the sharing of faith stories have been confined inside the walls of our buildings. However, the Great Commission calls us to GO and tell our stories, share our faith, witness to God’s grace and mercy. Yes, we can do those things without ever speaking a word about Jesus. But just think of the impact that our actions could have when combined with our stories of hope, peace, salvation and love that has captured us in the person of Jesus Christ. Now our actions have a root and core!  Now our actions are connected to the source and giver of all life. Now discipling takes on a new vitality and authenticity, because it is no longer about what WE do, but rather it is because of what God has done. Sure talking to others about Jesus is not always easy, but as we practice it, we find that the Holy Spirit does indeed intercede for us with sighs too deep for words. When we surrender over to God and trust that God will make a way for us to share, that is exactly what happens. So, don’t let fear of failure stand in your way of sharing your faith with someone. God is with you and will bring to fruition the work that God began in you so long ago. So go!