So, are you going or not?

The word ‘maybe’ means there is a possibility of something happening, but it does not always ensure probability. In current culture, I think the word has become a bit of a dodge or a less direct form of no.  It is often used when we don’t want to make a commitment, but we don’t want to hurt another’s feelings or have to explain why we are unwilling to commit.  I wonder if our maybes are ways of distancing ourselves from obligations in an already over-booked life. We feel like there is not ONE MORE thing we can say yes to, but we have this desire to be polite or kind or not rain on anyone’s parade, so we give them the old maybe. Of course, sometimes it is because we don’t know our schedule or we have a schedule that keeps changing. There is always some reason to say maybe. But what if we started being totally open with people. What if we could say yes or no to requests. What if we realized that our lives are over scheduled and our priorities are in danger of being taken over by our pursuit of things that are not vital to our lives? Can we be honest with God? Can we say yes to God’s call to go into the vineyard and then actually go? Or can we admit to God that we have placed other things as higher priorities and we are going to have to get those in line first? Either way, God can handle it. May we not fool ourselves or seek to fool anyone else with our maybes. May our yes be yes because we truly believe that to be the most important in our life. May our no’s be no’s, because we understand that we cannot do everything.  However we respond, let us do so in love and with regard to God’s will and plan for us. Maybe this is good advice?