Lay the Path for the Holy Spirit

I’ve just returned from Synod Assembly, which for us, is essentially a large tribal meeting of ELCA Lutherans in a specific geographical area. We worshiped together, discussed and voted on business together, prayed together, laughed together, rejoiced together and lifted one another up in ministry. We listened to ministry moments to find out what our tribe is doing in the world and in our backyards. We celebrated anniversaries of various stages of ministry. We recognized several whom have dedicated themselves to the Gospel. There are always some take-aways from these gatherings, sometimes very light; such as it was great to see old colleagues and friends. Sometimes more visceral; like the impression that I received at the end of the assembly. It was a powerful feeling that I would describe as the working of the Holy Spirit and that this presence of God was renewing, shaping, transforming and bringing about something new in our midst. If pressed to identify one message that I took away from this gathering it would be that we are participants in the reconciling mission of God to the world. We are actively involved in bringing forth God’s kingdom in order that all may know God’s saving love and there is no shortage of that kingdom work to be done. So, let us not lack in zeal in our pursuit of this mission, but let us more boldly drive out injustice, speak up for the voiceless, restore hope and lay the path for the Holy Spirit to be a living fire in our church, our community and our world.