I wonder about wonder

I wonder if we have lost our innate ability to marvel at the amazing?   I’m not trying to be cynical here, just realistic. Are we surprised by anything incredible anymore? So many advances in technology and science and medicine, we seem almost unfazed by what is going on in our world. We use the word awesome to describe everything from our mood to taco dip and everything in-between. But the word means something that inspires awe. Awe is word that means reverence, respect, wonderment or fear; something that takes our breath away. To stand before the grandeur of the mountains or the expanse of the ocean is to experience awe. To hold a new born child in your arms is to experience awe. To be so moved by an event that commands your attention and reverence so that it leaves you speechless, that is awe. So, something that is awesome would naturally be overflowing with that which leads us into this sense of awe. For this reason, we proclaim that our God is an awesome God. When you stop and think about what God has done and continues to do, one cannot help but be in awe. As we approach Advent and a time of anxious anticipation, I invite you to ponder the incredible gift that has been given us in Jesus Christ. When we fully recognize the magnitude of this gift, I hope that we pause, breathe in the wonderment of what God has done and stand before the starry sky in awe of how much God loves us. God sent his son, for us, in spite of our shortcomings, in spite of our sins. I think that is worthy of our awe.