Come and See

Monday Morning Quarterback; Reflections from your Pastor

          “Come and see” is one of those phrases that is loaded with potential. It can be used in way that seeks to prove another wrong or point out an error. It can be used when there is something cool worth “looking at”. But I think the best use of the phrase is when we use it to invite someone to experience something that we are deeply passionate about. Perhaps it is a book, a movie, a song that we believe is awesome and we want someone else to love it as much as we do. We hope that they will have the same positive feelings that we do. But maybe it is something that is so life changing that we cannot keep from inviting others to experience it for themselves. Perhaps it is so beyond our description, our ability to put it into words that we recognize the only thing we can do is to invite others to Come and See. I believe that the Good News of Jesus is just like that. It is beyond us; other worldly and unfathomable how the divine creator of the universe could care enough about us to stop at nothing to redeem and rescue us from ourselves. It is beyond logical comprehension considering how broken we are as humans. YET, that is exactly what God through Christ has done. The grace and hope that has captured us is so hard to imagine, that faith is the only lens which can even begin to “see” this incredible gift. To explain it would only leave us stumbling over our words. But for someone to experience it, then, they too might see. And here is the kicker; they experience the grace and love of God through us, through our actions, through our behavior towards the least, the lost and the lonely. Christ is revealed in us!  So an invitation to come and see is not merely an invite to a worship service or an event. But it is an invitation to take part in the good news, to BE the good news for others. May we reflect the light that shines in the darkness and may we invite others to come and see!