Be the Bible that tells of the Good News

Someone once said that “We might be the only Bible some folks will ever read.” In some cases, that could be a troubling statement. Our world is fraught with violence, mistrust, corruption, hatred and fear. We all know that; thanks to our modern forms of communication and technology we cannot help but see and hear all the latest bad news. Now we might think the answer is to turn off all forms of media and not read the news. But the problem is that the Gospel is that which propels us into the world. Yes! We are not called to hide away from the darkness, but to confront it. When Jesus speaks about the church, the gathered body of believers built on the Rock, Jesus adds that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Gates are a defensive structure, not offensive. Which means that we as the church of Christ, the church across the world, the body of believers, are called to go on the offense. We are called to root out evil, injustice, hatred and violence wherever and whenever we see it. We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ and share God’s grace and mercy as it has been shared with us. So BE the church, be the Bible that tells of the Good News; Lord knows our world is in desperate need of the word of hope that God provides.