Ah, the joy of the season!


          Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a time limit on acting the way we do around Christmas? I’m not talking about the scroogy behavior some people exhibit (me!) But rather the all nice and sweet and filled with joy kind of behavior. The whole “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” behavior. I mean the real message of Christmas is not just this season, certainly not one day a year. So then why do so many people revert back to their old selves after Christmas is over? Why can’t we experience that joy and good will 365 days a year? It almost feels like love and charity have a season as opposed to being a way of living. Jesus came and saved us all and Christmas is the season we rejoice over that fact, but the message of salvation does not stop with the event; it is ongoing. God saved us and is saving us and will save us. I wonder if we forget about that good news. I wonder if after the decorations are taken down our hearts go back to the same old way of looking at life; with a certain sense of being overwhelmed by all that is wrong in this world. Here’s an idea; maybe this year, just for a change, keep the Christmas decorations up past the 12 days of Christmas. Let the lights linger into the season of Epiphany. Let these things continue to remind us that we can be joyful in spite of what is wrong in our world. We can continue to share in the good will and fellowship that seems prevalent during Christmas. We can extend the feelings of hope and love well beyond the “holidays” because of what has been accomplished by God through the birth of the baby in Bethlehem. Rejoice! Salvation has come!